Best and modern Cameras

CCTV surveillance systems are now widely use. Our customers are using closed circuit systems with advanced technology, such as remote viewing, to deter crimes such as burglary break-ins and vandalism of residential and commercial property. CCTV can also be used to monitor employees and increase productivity.

iVision Technologies provide customers with industry-leading, end-to-end video solutions and components, including cameras, lenses, domes, keyboards, DVRs, NVRs, quads, multiplexers and more. We offer complete systems that fit every budget for virtually any installation, including retail, gaming, mobile, hospitality, financial and education applications. We know that a trustworthy partnership is a prerequisite to a mutually profitable business relationship. We can help design CCTV systems for both residential and commercial installations including retail, stores, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and more using the latest Digital and IP solutions. We can help you by installing a system that will enable you to monitor your business remotely using your exiting internet connection. No matter whether you are in the office, at home or even travelling abroad, camera can be directly plugged into a digital video transmission unit that can be securely viewed by you on your remote device of choice.